Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jujeath Nagaowa: Pinay Boxer Siningil ng P5,819 ng Bureau of Customs Para sa Championship Belt

Pinay boxer Jujeath Nagaowa had the shock of her life after the Bureau of Customs told her to pay almost P6,000 tax to claim her championship belt. Nagaowa fought 10 rounds to earn the championship belt, only now the champ has to shell out P5,819.00 tax money just to claim it. The tough 27-year-old lady is a mixed martial arts fighter, who won the international light flyweight title of the Women's International Boxing Association (WIBA) in June.

According to the Bureau of Customs' computation, Nagaowa's belt has a dutiable value of P20,147.15. She has to pay P3,022.00 for customs duty aside from the P2,782.00 value-added tax.


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