Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rufa Mae Quinto: Peachy Suffers from Hematoma

Actress Rufa Mae Quinto has suffered hematomas as a result of a medical procedure done on her. She is suffering from a lot of pain. The hematomas span her back and tummy.

The actress has posted photos of her condition on Instagram. A hematoma is a collection of blood, or blod clots, outside of a blood vessel that may occur because of injury or trauma. Ang hematoma ay pasa or bugbog.

Rufa Mae scribbled notes for the medical team who treated her: Please do not contact me anymore. I don't trust have any more trust in your service. I was very disappointed and traumatized by what you did on me and complications. And I hope you will... this will not happen anymore... clinical judgement, decisions, no CBC, cardio, pre-surgery testing or clearance

Despite her pain, Rufa Mae Quinto managed to leave messages for her fans and friends:
"Thanks .. For the concern... And yes u made me smile guys.. Thanks and see you soon!"


  1. Feel better Peachy! Talagang idol! GO GO GO!!! I-TODO MO NA ang paggaling mo para mapasaya mo pa kaming lahat dahil love na love ka namin! YES!!!

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