Monday, March 28, 2016

Pregnant Woman Abandoned with her Toddler at Marikina River Park During Holy Week

A pregnant woman was abandoned by relatives with her 1 year-old son at the Marikina River Park. They took her cellphone and her only cash around P300. She has been at the park since Black Saturday with the toddler.

Her name is Allain Diladia, 20 years old from Masbate. Her husband works as a dishwasher in Angeles City, Pampanga but she has no way of contacting her since the relatives took away her cellphone. She is 9 months pregnant and can give birth anytime soon.

A good Samaritan by the name of Jaypee Chua posted her photo on FB, hoping to get help for the poor woman and her child. Please visit the FB page, hope someone can reach out and send help.

Her relatives are just plain cruel, if they don't want her around this isn't a good way to send her off on her own. They basically treated her like a cat that they could just throw away. I can't imagine the horrible situation she's in, left in a city park on Holy Week, with no money or phone, pregnant and with a toddler in tow :(

As of today, the team of Mr. Chua (based on the FB post) are doing the best they can for her.

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