Thursday, March 31, 2016

Suntukan sa Ace Hardware, Saksakan sa Bilibid

Sorry Ace Hardware this could have been BIG! The biggest, outrageous free publicity of the year courtesy of social media. They should have just jumped on the bandwagon and organized a promo boxing event. Instead people still plan to go to the Suntukan sa Ace Hardware and hold a riot! lol

"We appreciate the excitement created by the April 15 'Suntukan sa Ace Hardware' Facebook. However, we do not encourage this type of digital publicity. No such event was organized by ACE Hardware in SM City Lucena or any of our branches."

If you're disappointed by the disavowed Suntukan sa Ace Hardware, there's always the Saksakan sa Bilibid event. BTW, never talk about the fight club guys!


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