Sunday, March 6, 2016

Globe Spotify Premium 3 Months for P9.00 Promo: PLAN 1099 2MBPS W/ SPOTIFY - Mag Ingat sa Pag Click ng Banner Ad sa Facebook

 This ad appeared on my FB feed - Globe Spotify Premium 3 Months for P9.00 Promo

I clicked the banner ad, curious at the promo, but I did NOT sign up my FB account or email. Lo and behold the next day! I have a Globe account number and a billing date.

Wait!? What can they actually do this? Subscribe you without you agreeing to anything?

My fear is if I ignore this email, the bill under my email would keep piling up until it gets to a hefty sum, then I'm served up with some legal letter for a service I don't plan to use or even interested in subscribing to. In the end, I'll be paying for a huge bill for a service I did not use and for a disconnection fee pa if this is a contract for 24 months?

Anyone else received such an email? Were you billed the first month? Their hotline is always busy.

I would avail of this Spotify service if the auto-billing tactics weren't so underhanded :(


Welcome to a world of entertainment at home and on demand – Tattoo Home Broadband!

We are grateful that you have welcomed us into your home to provide you fiber-fast broadband, reliable landline voice service, and exclusive entertainment packs. Below are your subscription details for your reference:


Contract period: 24
Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF): 1099
Bill cut-off date: Every 5 of the Month


Lesson learned: Do not click banner ads using your personal FB account tied up to a personal email.

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