Monday, September 9, 2013

Kristelle Davantes: Justice for Murdered McCann WorldGroup Ad Executive

Kristelle Davantes is a 25 year-old senior account executive at the McCann WorldGroup Advertising Agency. She was out with co-workers on a Friday night and left for Las Pinas around 1am. She never made it home. 

According to ABSCBN news, Kristelle's body was found under Tibagan Bridge in Barangay Sabutan, Silang, Cavite at around 6 a.m. on Saturday. Her mouth was gagged with a handkerchief, while her hands were tied with a seatbelt. She had several wounds on her neck. Police believe she was strangled to death. 

The promising Davantes worked at McCann’s digital arm called MRM handling brands like Coca-Cola and various Unilever products.

Prayers go out to Kae's family. May justice prevail - show your support please visit the Justice for KAE facebook page created by her friends and family.


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