Monday, September 16, 2013

Where to have a Gay Wedding in the Philippines?

Yes, there are same sex unions in the Philippines. Yes, lola, gay marriage po! 

 If you're looking for a place where you can tie the knot with your life partner, do visit this Gay Christian Church website.

The Philippine Marriage Equality Network, Inc. is an organization of same sex couples, families and friends who advocate for Marriage Equality Law in the Philippines.

Created to have a strong voice for same sex couples to have legal recognition rights to marry and form their own family.

We believe that family is not only define by producing child(ren) but base on unconditional acceptance, belonging, connectedness and accountability, unity in diversity, responsibility, at-homeness, and empowerment – these are the essence of family. 

We believe that marriage is not a heterosexual privilege.

We believe that marriage is about mutual love, respect and support.

We ask the Philippines Congress to enact a law that will protect the rights of the same sex couples and their families.

We believe that homosexuality is not a sickness, not it is a sin.

Our LGBT brothers and sisters are getting married. Complete with the flowers, veils, rings, love vows- Yes, the whole banana! Live with it! Now let's toast to that and have some rainbow cake!

 An interesting read on Rappler - We need to embrace gay sex and gay love and feel less guilty about them.

There's going to be a Grand LGBT Wedding 2.0 - Registration now open, so come out in full force and share your love!

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