Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kris Aquino MRT Photos

In extremely rare occurrence comparable to Venus in transit with the sun or anyone acquiring an unusual case of Lateral Sinus Thrombosis with Carotid Space Abscess, Kris Aquino has ditched her luxury sports car for a ride on the MRT during rush hour.

The masses are familiar with Manila traffic, Kris Aquino however probably sleeps through it, but not yesterday- in a genius stroke of politically motivated misdirection- Kris Aquino took a ride on the MRT and Twitter went crazy and everyone forgot about Janet Napoles, the hostage situation in Zamboanga, the carnapping-murder case at the BGC.

The only thing that would trump this if KathNiel went preggers or if President Pnoy and Jeane Napoles were caught in a snap together. What are the chances of that?


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