Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Graduation in the Philippines

Next to kasal, binyag, libing - graduation rites in the Philippines are one of the important family milestones that every parent looks forward to. And yes, after all that hardwork from both the student and the parent, a fun family celebration should cap it off!

So who are this year's graduates in the Philippines?

Jinggoy's jailbreak: The senator is given a chance to attend his son's graduation, Julian Emilio Estrada is an OB Montessori graduate.

Raffy Pratts graduates

More celeb dads and uncles in the OB Montessori graduation ceremony. John Pratts and Vhong Navarro are proud relatives in the crowd.

Frederick Navarro: Vhong Navarro's son graduates from OB Montessori

One step closer to a brighter future, a Boy Scout earns top honors in the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio. Congrats Leonard Joshua Pena! You look dashing in your uniform!

Nothing more heartwarming than these Cebuano students making their own toga for graduation, definitely handmade with love for all their batchmates.

And a balut vendor's son makes the Pisay scholar roster for this year. Good job Robert John Pecayo!

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