Sunday, March 22, 2015

P10 Rollback of Taxi Flag Down Rate in Manila Philippines

So how's your P10 fare cut on taxi flag-down rate experience so far?

According to LTFRB, the taxi meters won't be recalibrated. Taxi drivers will have to manually deduct P10 from the total fare. The P40 would still appear on the taxi meter but the passengers would have to pay P10 less in their actual fare.

Yes, we have nicely asked the taxi driver for the P10 deduction. I tried that and nayayamot si Mamng taxi driver. Can't blame the guy. The whole process is screwy. Okay ask for the P10 less and you get a grumpy driver.

So what steps are the LTFRB taking to enforce the P10 fare deduction?

They have the P10 Less stickers to remind the cab driver and passenger.

You can report the Cabbie. Please report taxi drivers who refuse to acknowledge the P10-rollback to the LTFRB via 426-2515 or 09214487777.

And why can't they just get the meters recalibrated?
According to the LTFRB - the rollback is only provisional.

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