Sunday, March 29, 2015

Iza Calzado in new movie with Mark Dacascos, Cynthia Rothrock, Tia Carrere and Casper Van Dien

Iza Calzado is in a new movie directed by Mark Dacascos and features kick-ass action stars Cynthia Rothrock, Tia Carrere and Casper Van Dien

Mark Dacascos star of Crying Freeman and Brotherhood of the Wolf. He is also the host of Iron Chef America plus notable TV appearances in Hawaii Five-O and Dancing with the Stars. Mark Dacascos is in town along with other action movie stars - Cynthia Rothrock, Tia Carrere, Casper Van Dien - to film the Russian produced action flick Showdown in Manila. They added local talents in their roster such as Kapamilya actress Iza Calzado and indie siren Althea Vega.

Casper Van Dien looks awesome for his age here, he was the heroic lead in the alien bug slasher movie Starship Troopers. After Hollywood, he eventually married into royalty with Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. He has gone back into movies filming doing action movies.

The Showdown in Manila cast in Quiapo, the heart of downtown Manila for its first week of shooting.

Lotsa guns and mayhem, Showdown in Manila looks exciting!

Mark Dacascos new film Showdown in Manila.

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