Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At si Kris Aquino Muna Before Typhoon Sendong Victims!?

After the President’s attendance at a Christmas party thrown by the PSG, which happened in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Sendong, broke out on twitter. Another Aquino is on the news, none other than his media hog aka Queen of all Media sister, Kris Aquino. Reports of Kris Aquino's disaster relief efforts are going viral on Facebook.


"A friend of mine who's volunteering at ABS-CBN right now texted me. She said they were already at Consolacion to distribute the relief goods to the people, the people were already lining up, when suddenly they rerouted and went back to Balulang. The reason? Kris Aquino is there and they have to fetch her and go back to Consolacion so that she can also help.
Imagine the faces of the people already waiting for the relief goods; All hungry and thirsty and still covered in mud and they all needed fresh clothes to change into...They were shocked to see the ABS-CBN trucks leaving. All they can do is watch and wait for them to come back again. That's what my friend witnessed just a while ago."

Hindi talaga titigilan ni Kris ang bayan, 'no ? Sige lang...

Kris kailangan mo ba pa kabogin at pantayan ang publicity ng Bagyong Sendong para ikaw pa rin ang pag-usapan?

Is this 'chismis' or a valid rant by a rescue volunteer? What do you think?

In any case, let's do our own efforts to help our fellow kababayans, donate through the Philippine Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org.ph/donatenow

or through LBC branches.
Drop-off centers for relief goods are everywhere. Below are some of them:

LBC Foundation: All their branches NATIONWIDE, in US, Canada, KSA, UAE, Singapore, HK, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, UK, Spain, Italy will accept donations until Dec. 23.
Branch locator: http://www.lbcexpress.com/contents/PH/branchfinder.aspx

c/o MAIL AND MORE BUSINESS SERVICES INC.: Donations will be shipped via Air21 and delivered to the DSWD office in CDO.
Branch locator: http://mailandmore.com.ph/nodes/203-location or http://www.air21.com.ph/main/locations.php

JRS Express
Please make sure your donations are in some secure packaging. They do not provide boxes for free. You also need to address your donation to a specific organization (i.e. DSWD office) or person in Mindanao to receive the package.
Branch locator: http://www.jrs-express.com/

**SUPPLIES NEEDED are food (non-perishable, ready-to-eat, no water needed if possible), milk, medicine, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito repellents, rubber slippers, clothes, diapers, tents or materials for temporary shelters (i.e. tarpaulin billboards).

Let's do what we can to help, hindi po biro ang dinaraanan ng mga taga-Cagayan de Oro.


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