Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 5 Security Questions by Call Center Agent Shan Cruz Rivera

Call Center Disgrace Shan Cruz Rivera

Viral videos of a Call Center Agent on the hijinx has spread like wildfire on Facebook. Shan Cruz Rivera took cellphone videos of himself while taking customer service calls. So what's the fuss about Shan Cruz Rivera? Why are fellow call center agents calling him a disgrace?

He broke protocol. He calls himself Lady Gaga. And gave one subscriber a trippy run-a-round on the customer service hotline by asking him 5 inane security questions.

Read the full chat transcript of Call Center Agent Shan Cruz Rivera and the caller here:

Security Question #1:
Shan Cruz Rivera: What was your high school mascot?
Caller: The Tigers
Shan: That is correct!

Security Question #2:
Shan Cruz Rivera: How many bones do you have?
Caller: How many bones do I have in my body? I don't know how many bones
I have in my body [laughs] is that a question?
Shan: Yes, that's your security question.
Caller:Can you give me a clue? I don't remember putting that in there...
Shan: your answer is 3,000 plus
Caller: Oh okay. I don't remember that question

Security Question #3:
Shan Cruz Rivera: What is your favorite food?
Caller: Steak or hot wings
Shan: The answer here is Adobo!
Caller: Say that again? I don't know whether its steak or hot wings
Shan: Its Adobo sir! Its not a steak
Caller: Hot wings?
Shan: Its Adobo, Sir! ADOBO!
Caller: Okay so its hotwings
*note: Adobo is a pork dish with soy sauce

Security Question #4:
Shan Cruz Rivera: What is the biggest V-vird!?
Caller: What is the what!?
Shan: What is the biggest bird!?
Caller: What is the biggest b-buurd!? Eagle?
Shan: No, your answer here is Big Bird
Caller: Oh Big Bird okay

Security Question #5:
Shan Cruz Rivera: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Caller: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? (laughs)
Shan: Can I get your answer to that?
Caller: I don't know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? YOU stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Shan: Yes, what is the answer for that, Sir?
Caller: YOU!
Shan: ME? (giggles)
Shan: So who stole it?
Caller: I don't know... I don't remember those...
Shan: The answer is your WIFE!
Caller: Okay my wife
Shan: Your wife stole it
Caller: Okay
Shan: Okay give me one second here

According to his Facebook page, Shan Cruz Rivera works at TRG Philippines (The Resource Group), but on the viral video we can clearly see the letters WNS on his company ID. A female co-worker is also visible at the start of the video and midway a janitor is seen collecting trash.
Laughs from co-workers are also heard in the background.

So what's the status of Shan Cruz Rivera's employment? Fired most likely, banned from the call center industry pretty much. The caller was a good sport BTW! You could actually picture this poor caller's face going- WTF!? As for the co-workers, probably a work suspension til this blows over. What do you think?

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