Friday, December 30, 2011

Ramgen Revilla Janelle Manahan Scandal: Viral Video rocks the Ramgen Murder Case

Just a day shy of 2012, a video of murder victim Ramgen Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan was initially released on Facebook and has gone viral on social media. Janelle Manahan has spent the last month in recovery after suffering gunshot wounds to the face.

Ramgen Bautista was killed by a masked intruder in BF Homes Subdivision in ParaƱaque City last October. Janelle and Ramgen's sister Ramona Revilla was inside the room during the attack.

Ramgen & Janelle during better times

So who is the possible source of this video? And why was this intimate video uploaded? Is this an attempt to discredit the witness Janelle Manahan? Would this video have come from the cellphone or digicam of the deceased found at the crime scene? Around November, specific text messages from the Ramgen's cellphone surfaced revealing financial squabbles between siblings.

But according to Janelle Manahan’s lead counsel Argee Guevarra, Ram Revilla's siblings took possession of his belongings after his death. More intimate videos of Janelle and Ramgen are yet to surface as stated by her lawyer.

An in-depth look at Janelle Manahan's affidavit, an exclusive by Raisa Robles

To those looking for the video, it is all over facebook and twitter


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