Saturday, December 24, 2011

Help Free OFW Don Don Lanuza from Beheading: Give to Barya Mo Buhay Ko

Rogelio “Dondon” Lanuza, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) on death row in Saudi Arabia needs our help. Our BIG help as fellow pinoys.

DonDon's family needs to raise P35 million pesos ($800,000) to match the "blood money" require by the aggrieved Arab family, this is to spare Don Don Lanuza from beheading. The circumstances as to which Don Don ended up killing an Arab national are complicated or can be summed up as self-defense (Kabayan tingin mo meron OFW ang magtatangkang pumatay sa Saudi? unless nasa peligro siya at pinaglaban lamang ang sarili).

Time is running out for Don Don, there is only a certain amount of time he can raise these funds. He has been languishing in jail since 2000. Its about time we send Don Don home. All he is asking is your small change.

You may send donations to “Barya Mo, Buhay Ko”

According to the donations page

Donations may be sent through any of Metrobank”s overseas branches and international offices free of charge. For those who wish to send their donations through any of Metrobank’s remittance correspondents worldwide, the bank has agreed to waive all Metrobank related charges. Marami pong salamat sa tulong niyo.

Account Name: Letty Lanuza
Bank: Metrobank Malolos McArthur Hi-Way Branch
Savings Account No.: 575-3-57501112-9
Bank Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Please wire your donation to:

ACCOUNT NAME: Loida N. Lewis FBO Dondon Lanuza (FBO means ‘For Benefit Of’)
Metrobank Account Number: 16048420
Metrobank Branch: NYC
Swift Code: MBTCUS33
ABA Routing No. 026002846


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