Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pormang Chiz! Senador Chiz Escudero in Hipster Shorts

Senator Chiz Escudero hasn't outgrown wearing his gradeschool shorts. Medjo bakat po 'Sen !

Hipster Cred: Then again, obviously influence ito ni Heart Evangelista! She wants her dreamboat all hip and bakat.

So ito ang porma ni Chiz nung Election Day May 13!

I guess Chiz would wear anything to keep Heart happy! If he intends to keep wearing these appalling shorts, he should start to grow some emo side bangs na rin :) LOL

Hot si HEART! Yes this is the Philippine Senator's girlfriend! Actress Heart Evangelista, scion of the Cabalen clan. Chiz gets to go cheesy with her.

So Heart , how's it like kissing your kuya?

1 comment:

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