Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MRT Guadalupe Suicide Philippines

Photo by Twitter user @josinejosine

People were forced to abandon the MRT coaches when train operations at the MRT Guadalupe station North bound lane were put to a stop. An unidentified 20-30 year old man committed suicide, he jumped on the tracks and his body went right under the incoming train. According to witnesses, his insides were dragged all over the tracks and his head was stuck under the metal wheels.

SOCO has now retrieved the body and taken it to the Veronica Funeral Homes in Pasay. The dead man wore blue shirt and a set of keys for a Hyundai vehicle was also found in his shorts. The MRT Guadalupe station has resume operations around 11:30am. Yes, they will be MRT services by the 5pm rush hour.

Can't say if the MRT driver is doing okay or even given the day off after running over another jumper.

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