Friday, May 31, 2013

Serendra Explosion in Taguig

Serendra explosion in the posh neighborhood of the BGC. The condo unit number Serendra 2 Unit 501 is where the explosion happened.

Photos of the Serendra blast are all over Twitter

The shockwave of the Serendra explosion caused some store's facade to break.

Police are still investigating the caused of the blast at the BGC.

This is where the Serendra explosion happened near Market Market! Mall

According to a witness, a Starex van and an Abenson truck were crushed under the huge block of concrete from the explosion with passengers still inside which would explain the 3 fatalities.

The Serendra explosion triggered panic among mall-goers at Market! Market! after glass shards went flying out from store windows because of the blast.


  1. I guess this just shows that everything is temporary, important thing is how the situation was handled.. esp in unexpected events such as this.

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