Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pusong Bato: A Pinoy Love Song

This is the saga of a pinoy song that just won't die and will live in the hearts of jejemons forever!

Pusong Bato will become a videoke staple like those April Boy Regino hits, no inuman will ever be the same again. Yes, talo pa nya ang Nak Nakk nakkkin' on Hebens Door ng mga lasing at 3am!

No sikat ang love song etetch: pinag aagawan na ng mga singers ang credits - si Aimee Torres at si
Renee Alon Dela Rosa.

So who sung it best?

Aimee Torres: the original raw na Pusong Bato singer. I think her case was that her record producer dad bought the rights for her to release the song first in her first album. In time to mark her 18th debut with special guest star Kuya Germs.

Renee Alon Dela Rosa wrote and composed the song to get back at his wife's banging around and getting down with some dudes. Alon sold it to Aimee's dad for P140,000 bundled with other no-hit wonders.

But it didn't become a hit until a version on Youtube sang by some 'Nigerian students in Cebu' became viral. So Alon eventually hit pay dirt! Scoring a hit, TV guestspots and a feature on his life story on Magpakailanman. He is now being sued by Aimee Torres for the Pusong Bato song rights.

The latest emo rendition is by Jovit Baldovino for the telenovela Juan Dela Cruz. I think mas may ire at birit si Koya Jovit! jejeje!


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