Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where to Buy Gourmet Cakes in Manila Philippines?

Have you heard of "Love Cakes by Ann and Gan" or at least tasted a bite of their heavenly gourmet cakes that local celebs are crazy about. They also have fancy frosted fruit cakes with actual fruit toppings- a great healthy alternative to even out your sugar cravings :D

Meet the dashing brother-sister tandem behind Love Cakes. Ann is a chef who is passionate about cooking and baking as well as a doting mom to 4 kids. Gan, on the other hand, is a creative entrepreneur with impeccable taste. Together, their gourmet creations are made with nothing but TLC, no wonder they just taste so good!

Try their strawberry shortcake or their creme brûlée cake. For orders call or text at 09989981726

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