Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Agot Isidro Philippine Actress Loses P3 Million Over to Dugo Dugo Gang

Sa panahon ngayon, meron pa rin naloloko sa lumang modus na ito? parang 1970s pa itong criminal raket na ito pero epektib pa rin.

Sa mga amo, siguro maganda, we keep our maids informed about house security and what to do in case of emergencies. Phone numbers they could reach you, point persons and relatives they could reach if you are not available for some reason.

Consider din how much access the house help have around personal belongings. Could they just take off with your home cash and easily hand off to strangers?

In this case, the employer was an actress quite active on Twitter and Instagram, too bad the maid couldn't just check the internets or the news if her employer was indeed involved in an accident. If she wasn't part of the inside job, its quite sad that such a gullible person was left holding the bag.

Agot Isidro lost around P3 million worth of cash and jewelries because her housemaid Maenelyn Omapas was duped into giving cash to alleged members of the notorious “Dugo-Dugo gang” in Quezon City last Sunday.

Maenelyn Omapas received a call that Agot Isidro was involved in a vehicular accident and needed money to settle with a certain Ana Chua.

Without much sense, the maid followed the caller’s instructions, taking all the household cash and jewelry at a meet-up at the Wilcon Home Depot store in Balintawak. After the maid handed over the loot, she was instructed to return home to the actress home at Blue Ridge Subdivision in Quezon City.

It was only when she got back home that the made figured she was deceived by the caller as the actress was still busy at a shoot.


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