Friday, December 12, 2014

Pope Francis Sends Philippine Actress Rita Avila a Message of Thanks

Pope Francis wrote actress Rita Avila a message of thanks.

Through the Vatican assessor for general affairs Msgr. Peter Wells, here is the Pope's message to Rita Avila:

“Dear Rita Avila, His Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for the kind gift of inscribed copies of your books... He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to share your writings with him... His Holiness will remember you and your husband in his prayers...He invokes upon you God's blessings of strength and peace.”

Rita Avila is a That's Entertainment alum who gained popularity points as the face of Tita Frita Banana Ketchup in the early 90s. She soon moved to sexy and mature roles as a vixen in Sumayaw ka Salome! and Machete: Istatwang buhay. But all that is in her past.

She then wed TV Director Erick Reyes which she is still married to. But during the course of their marriage, the actress suffered a series of miscarriages, and faced unwarranted scrutiny with her doll
collection. When she went out in public with a realistic baby doll in a stroller. Insiders say she used to treat these dolls like her own children, from bathing them to even celebrating their birthdays. Rumor
has it, teleserye producers fired her for the onset behavior and care she showered the baby dolls during taping. The rumor eventually died out, as it was an obvious coping mechanism for the actress' great loss.

Rita Avila has bared her heart out on TV interviews, everyone knows she lost something dear, she is
a very brave woman for speaking out. For years, the press would always define her for her miscarriages and the crazy baby dolls issue. Give the woman a break. I'm glad she's fought through this fog of sadness. She even wrote a book about her experience when she lost the only son she was able to conceive to full term, Ellia Jesu. 8 Ways to Comfort with Grace is her book, a journey on her experience giving birth to her three-week old son born with a heart condition who eventually died a month later. I can't imagine how devastating that must be to finally give birth and not miscarry, and eventually lose the child in such a short span of time.

And if the Pope wants to send Rita Avila an official missive of thanks. Let the woman have that. Obviously, it means so much to her. I don't understand the haters and commenters in public sites bashing Rita Avila. I don't know her she seems wonderfully candid when she does TV interviews and she seems like a nice lady. Some people have been through enough in life and Rita Avila is one of them. So give her a break.

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