Monday, December 22, 2014

Veterans Golf Club Philippines: Stray Golf Ball Hits Motorist's Windshield

If you're a regular at TopGear Philippines, I'm sure you've seen this post as of late. A car's windshield got hit by a high-speed errant golf ball while it was passing by the Veterans Memorial Medical Center Golf Course.  Medjo kagigil ang mga ganitong incidents kasi preventable naman if proper safety measures are in place. 

Safety ng publiko sana muna, why put up a golf course na kulang sa proper catch-nets? Safety hazard naman sa motorists and pedestrians kung ganun.

It begs the question, if there was ever an incident of anyone getting hit on the head with a golf ball? Probably went unreported and settled out of court.

I guess they won't upgrade their golf course safety nets until something brutal happens- a child getting hit by a golf ball, a startled driver hitting other cars.

A golf ball at high speed can kill and maim. If hit on the head by an errant golf ball, injuries can range from smashed teeth, facial disfigurement, bruises and hearing loss.

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  1. Oooohhhh. I feel bad for them. I love playing golf at Sherwood Hills and I think that golf courses should take an action from this incident. Hope all are fine.