Thursday, January 19, 2012

Atty. Karen Jimeno: The Courtroom Hottie on the Corona Defense Team

The latest courtroom telenovela to grip our country is smitten by the hottie on the Corona Defense Team- Atty. Karen Jimeno.

Though she's playing ball for the other side, the public has shown a lot of positive interest on the well-spoken brainy beauty. I mean after sitting through Senator Enrile's courtroom grumbles on TV all day long, seeing a smart stunner like Atty. Karen Jimeno is quite a breather.

Ang hair ng lolabels- flawless against the lawless! Atty. Karen Jimeno~ IKAW NA!

According to GMA news, Karen Jimeno is a 2005 UP Law graduate who went on to Harvard Law School for her Master of Laws. Fresh from her US stint, she is now working for the law firm Quisumbing, Torres, Evangelista and is the current spokesperson of the Renato Corona defense team.


  1. asian beauty & thats d lady atty., crush!

  2. my type of girl...shes lovely