Monday, January 9, 2012

Noemi Lagman: Missing Student of Asia Pacific College Magallanes has been FOUND!

UPDATE: As of this time, Noemi Lagman is back home with her family. Details as to her disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it have been withheld by her family as advised by the Police. What's important is that Noemi's safe and alive!

The disappearance of Noemi Lagman is baffling and a total nightmare for any parent. I'd rather hope that this was a possible case of a teen runaway, rather than assume the worst might have happened to her. But if we get the word out that her dad is doing all he can to look for her, maybe someone might recognize her.

Please help find Noemi Lagman. She is 21 years old, stands 4'10 with a mid-heavy build, a morena teen. She is a student at the Asia Pacific College in Magallanes. She left her house at the Multinational Village, Paranaque yesterday (January 6) around 9am-10am to enroll at her school, she left carrying a substantial amount of money around P33,000 ($600-$700). She was last seen at the entrance of Multinational Village near Duty Free, Paranaque. Her usual route going to school is from Multinational Village (Paranaque) to Heritage Hotel EDSA (Pasay) and to Asia Pacific College, Magallanes (Makati). Her classmates informed her parents that she never reached the school. Her mobile phone couldn't be reached either.

Her Dad even has a message for Noemi:

Noy, wherever you are take care of yourself.
We love you very much. Hope to see you soon.

If you have any info on Noemi, please notify her dad:
Noel Lagman (Father) 0921-500-1468
#53 Timothy Street Phase 3
Multinational Village
Paranaque City

Contact: +632 820 1112
Mobile: Noel - 0922 895 9836
Allan - 0917 887 9292


  1. I hope that the young lady will be found soon. Praying ad hoping.

  2. they already did.. they found her..

  3. Noemi Lagman has been found.. Thank God...

  4. January 10, 2012

    Noemi Lagman UPDATE:

    Noemi Lagman has been found and she is now safe. Our deepest gratitude to all of you who helped us.

    For the final time regarding this issue, I hope you can click once more your likes, comments, and share buttons. Everyone deserves to know. It was through social media where we got the first lead and it has played a vital role in connecting all of us.

    We were advised by the authorities that information on how and where she was found be kept confidential for her and her family's security and privacy. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

    As of this writing, there are 213 likes, 111 comments, 96 tags, and a staggering 8,114 shares on my facebook wall on posts regarding Noemi. A total of 8,534 online activity. We ask the Lord to bless 8,534 times all of you who helped us during this time. This does not include online and offline activities that I could not quantify anymore.

    It has been an exhausting and emotionally draining 100 hours of non-stop search, the longest 100 hours of our lives, something we will never forget. Finally I want to share with all of you the lesson we learned from this experience: love your family, love them tirelessly, love them unconditionally, because at the end of the day, it's what matters.

    Marami pong salamat at pagpalain po kayong lahat.

    Allan Lagman Capulong
    (Noemi's Kuya Pinsan)

    Noel Lagman
    (Noemi's Father)

  5. She has been found btw. The family thanks all those who have helped. For their protection the police wont be releasing the details of her disappearance.

    Thank God she has been found. Good job netizens! :)

  6. I totally think that filipinos are gullible when it comes to nonsense.

    My facebook got infested by it - I heard that the girl (Noemi) ended up missing because she eloped with a local gigollo to experience sex for P30,000.00 (the remaining P3,000 was a daily P1000 payment to a motel)

  7. She went on a shopping spree, if ever anyone wondered...

  8. how much was left on the tuition money?
    Did they eat alot of jollibee?

  9. I think the family should pay a penalty for using
    Police hours on her search, because she ran away
    And faked being kidnapped.

  10. that kid has a lot of explaining to do. . .
    She waste time and money for nothing

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