Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vic Sotto Pauleen Luna: Love at First Sight

Pauleen Luna first graced Philippine TV screens in Eat Bulaga in 1995. She was a contestant on Little Miss Philippines, a child beauty pageant segment.

After the intros, talent portion there came the fave question-and-answer portion, hosted by none other than Vic Sotto.

Here Vic regularly asks the little girls "Ilang taon ka na?" (How old are you?) I think that's rather apt to ask on his part.

Fast forward to 2012, you got that little girl (now 23) hooking up with the show's host (still virile at 57) and they make a bizarre pair.

Call it destiny, call it fate or even call it love at first sight- but there's no stopping serial co-host dater Vic Sotto from getting what he wants and this blossoming relationship is shoved at our faces everyday at lunchtime with the added awkwardness of his longtime Ex Pia (now pregnant by a Mr. Mago) sharing screen time with Vic Sotto's new paramour.

Things heated up as of late when Vic Sotto's son, Oyo Boy Sotto tweeted:
“Ang dami talagang mukhang pera... ang daming lumalandi! Nakakalungkot (hindi sa akin) Haay nako....”

BTW Oyo Boy is a new baby daddy to a Pauleen Luna lookalike Kristine Hermosa.

Pauleen Luna's camp took offense and also issued a statement.
"There is no better time for our thoughts, as parents, on the Vic-Pauleen issue, be heard but now, for we wish our daughter nothing more but a peaceful and fulfilled 2012. We're proud to have brought up Pauleen as a God-fearing child, and have full trust and confidence, whatever decision she makes. We have raised her and her brother as well-provided individuals encouraged to live their lives to the fullest. Since her start in this industry, she has but one goal—that is to enjoy what she loves the most—acting and hosting. What she earns from this profession comes secondary to her passion. That is why it pains her and us as well to hear that she is using someone else for financial gains. Just so everything si clear, Pauleen is not the breadwinner of the family."

So the noontime saga goes on, one can't help but wonder how badly magically this will all end up. My money's in the future, betting on another Little Miss Philippines alum, Vic Sotto-Jillian Ward in 2023.


  1. hahaha this really made my day!

  2. It's so obvious.
    I agree w/ Oyo Boy!!!GOLDDIGGER10000000x!!!
    This relationship will only last until the next young one comes along.
    Vic will never get married again...
    Dina will always stay as the only woman Vic took to the altar..Amen

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