Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alfonso Agravante: BDO Bank Teller Steals Millions from Banco De Oro Savings Accounts

BDO- we find ways! Unfortunately one BDO bank teller Alfonso Agravante found a way to scam two senior citizen OFWs out of their hard earned savings.

Alfonso Pico Sr., a 77-year-old pinoy and retired teacher from Canada lost a total of P3.7 million while Mary Leonard, a 54 OFW based in Michigan lost P1 million pesos.

The theft was only discovered when Lolo Pico went home for his brother's burial and needed money from his savings at the Banco De Oro Kabankalan Branch in Negros Occidental. Sadly, Lolo Pico was only left with P5,000 in his account.

According to Sunstar Cebu, there are around 30 depositors of this BDO bank that lost money due to the alleged maneuverings of Agravante.

The mistake happened when these depositors entrusted their original bankbooks to Agravante who then handed them back fake bankbooks. Only when these depositors decided to update their accounts did they find out they were empty.

BDO Philippines released a statement to ABS-CBN News, "BDO is currently investigating the matter. The interests of our clients is our utmost priority. Rest Assured, we will address all their concerns." 

Alfonso Agravante is currently on the run. He is wanted for falsification of private documents and fraud.


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