Friday, July 5, 2013

Art Acuña-Gretchen Barretto Scandal : Not True says Actor!

Rumors of Gretchen Barretto having a fling with Art Acuña have been spreading online.

Da Who ba si Art Acuña?

Art Acuña is a stage & film actor. He played Harry Shaw on The Kitchen Musical (Singapore). And appeared on Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent. He starred in John Sayles' film, "Amigo" and Lav Diaz' "Batang West Side"

So where did the rumors come all started on set in a Cinemalaya movie or on Instagram?

Well Gretchen posted a 'private message' on her Instagram for everyone to read:   “miss gretchen your face of anguish stirs up two emotions in me… Extreme sadness and extreme vengefulness. Vengeful because I want to destroy whatever hurts you. In my future ‘acting moments’, I hope you don’t mind if I conjure your beautiful face in pain. Because it takes me there to places… I need to be. Thank you for being so damn brilliant miss Gretchen. i owe you.” This was messaged to her by Art after they worked on a very difficult scene in the film.

Gretchen was so taken by the message she replied: “I received this message from a brilliant actor. It makes me thank god for the blessings of friendship and the ability to express my innermost feelings (my emotional history) and being appreciated by my co-actors… Thank you art acuna.”

Let's say for the sake of Art, mutual admiration lang ito between two actors.

 “That’s impossible. I’m very happy with my relationship with Tonyboy. Oh please, I’m too old for that… crap.” Yan sinagot ni La Greta sa news5 interview.  

Okay! Claro bah? Walang fling-fling naganap, hindi ito John Estrada levels okay?

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