Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where to Buy Dried Fish in the Philippines?

You can get any decent dried fish from any pinoy palengke, but if you want the best dried fish from the Philippines delivered to your doorstep, you can rely on W&E Bantayan Island Dried Fish Seller. They are based in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines and you can just message them for online orders through email or Facebook.

A Bit of Trivia about Danggit

The other local names of danggit are samaral, taragbago, kitang, or tabago? It is part of the Siganus family. The scientific name Siganus is the Latin term by which Mediterranean rabbitfishes were known in Ancient Rome. Rabbitfishes grow to about 40 cm (15.7 in) and have small, rabbit-like mouths, large dark eyes, and a shy temperament that gives them their name.

Ohlala! I'm a Danggit Fanatic! In Bantayan Island, there’s not only one or two kinds of dried fish but three!! The type depends on how dry the fish is. 1st is the "Bulad/buwad" w/c is totally dried fish. 2nd is the "Labtingaw" w/c is semi dried while the 3rd type is called "Lamayo" and it is barely dried.

W&E Bantayan Island Dried Fish Seller can ship the delicious dried goodies through domestic padala and international shipping.

If you want to know more visit their Facebook page on the shipping details and oogle at their array of sun-dried, tasty treats such as dried pusit, danggit, sagoksok, bulad and tuyo

All made by the townsfolk of Bantayan Island, Cebu. During the days when refrigeration was unknown, Filipinos guarded against food spoilage by salting and drying their fish and meat.

The time needed to dry the Buwad / Bulad (dried fish) can vary from one to two days depending on the weather and the size of the fish. On bad weather fishermens store the Buwad / Bulad (dried fish) inside the house thus the price hike of dried items. On a sunny day the fish can dry for only one day but fish and squid exceeding 4 inches in length will need to be dried for 2 days.

Feast your eyes on the 7-inch Dried Boneless Danggit from Bantayan Island versus the regular 2-inch danggit!

For more details: call or txt us 0922-473853 (Welson) or 0933-519479 (Elaine).

You may also email us:

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