Thursday, July 11, 2013

Makati City Fire Photos: Pictures ng Sunog sa Makati Philippines

There were two fires that broke out in Makati City today.

The fire started at the creekside shantytown right beside Makati Medical Center around 10:25 a.m. This is the area of the Botanical Compound between Amorsolo and Urban streets (next to Campus Rueda Building). Exploding Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks further contributed to the blaze.

Another fire broke out at Bagtikan street, Barangay San Antonio, Makati City (1 block away from the Makati Fire Station and Meralco Main Branch Makati)

An unseeming sight to see squatters' houses burn away amidst the high-rise buildings.

Rumors abound that the fire was deliberate to drive away the informal settlers- to avoid violent protests and demolitions, and for the landowners to avoid any dole-outs of compensation. The land will easily give way to new condos and prime office spaces.

Twitter and Facebook was instantly flooded with pics of the fire coming in from office workers and nearby residents. Fire engines littered the Legaspi area.

One office worker even managed to find time to do a 'tasteless' selfie. Obviously, the sight of fire and homes' burning to the ground excites her this much.

The roaring fire as seen from the Emergency Exit area of the Makati Medical Center.

Fire Out was called at 12:59 pm This was what was left of the Creek side carinderias and shanties. The kids who live here go to the nearby Makati Elementary school. Some were even in their school uniforms helping their parents save what's left of their belongings.

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