Monday, August 12, 2013

Karyn Velez Badminton Player: Filipino-American Athlete Dies in Car Accident

Karyn Velez, a promising Fil-Am Badminton player died in a car accident. Video and news report of the scene of the accident can be viewed here.

A St. Paul Pasig Alum, Karyn Velez' dream was to make it to the Olympics.

But her statement about the state of Philippine sports sadly sums up what every aspiring Pinoy athlete faces-

“I was ranked No. 1 in the Philippines but there was too much politics involved and I ended up moving away to get rid of the problems.”

She left Manila to get a fresh start on Badminton elsewhere and ended up representing the United States in the sport. She is a top-tanked athlete and quite popular in the international Badminton circuit.

To her friends she was known as Chibby, a sweet girl who kicks ass in the Badminton court. This is a very sad day for Badminton and for Philippines as well :(

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