Friday, August 30, 2013

Richard Chua: Nadine Samonte Boyfriend Fiance Will Finally Marry Her

Nadine Samonte sure knows how to pick 'em and soon for all eternity she will be married to this guy Richard Chua.

Richard Chua proposed to her on his knees at the Hotel Sofitel and his bride-to-be was quite honest to admit she felt underwhelmed, she didn't CRY or shed a tear as girlfriends usually do. In other words, she didn't FREAK out or I guess she was expecting to experience that FREAKOUT girls usually go through when proposed to. Nadine Samonte had none of that, but she said YES anyway. Girl got her reasons and hope she's happy with it.

5 Facts about Nadine Samonte and Richard Chua:

1. Richard Chua is Isabel Rivas' son and the nephew of action star and criminal kidnapping mastermind Dennis Roldan. DaWho si Isabel Rivas?

Isabel Rivas was a sexy starlet in the 80s starring in risque films like Uhaw Na Dagat and Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap. Today Isabel is a hot cougar mama living off at a farm in Iba, Zambales.

2. Richard Chua works at the Bureau of Immigration.

3. Nadine Samonte's boyfriend is rumored to be a relative of Emerson Chua, the scion of the Ping Ping lechon empire. Well it seems Richard has more Pork. AWARD!

4. Nadine Samonte met him at Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna when she was out wakeboarding with friends.

5. Nadine calls Richard 'BooBoo.' Richard is 12 years older than Nadine Samonte. So when Nadine was in preschool, Richard was already a junior in college. LOL.

Cheers to the happy showbiz couple!


  1. ang lam ko may anak na yan richard

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