Thursday, August 29, 2013

Claudia Zobel: Hot pa rin ang Bangkay ng Sexy Starlet

TV5 Interaksyon really has an obsession with the macabre after breaking the news on Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Necrophilia bill, they're resurrecting 90s startet Claudia Zobel back to mainstream consciousness.

In Roman Catholicism, if a body remains incorruptible after death, it is seen as a sign that the individual is a saint. So can we at least consider canonizing Saint Claudia Zobel?

Claudia Zobel died in a car accident on Feb. 10, 1984, just 18 days short of her 19th birthday. Thelma Maloloy-on was her real name. She was buried Queen City Memorial Gardens in Cebu City, Philippines.

Claudia was quite new to driving. They just finished partying at Roxas Boulevard when they headed back to Makati. Police reports stated she lost control of the Mitsubishi Colt (plate No. PDS 119) when its left front wheel hit an island gutter. The car flipped on the other side and straight into the path of the oncoming Brasilia. With no airbags back then, Claudia died on impact, her body pinned against the steering wheel. It took 15 minutes for rescuers to extract Claudia out of the car.

A True Beauty til the Very End and Post, Post, Postmortem
Claudia Zobel's body had no signs of decay in her face and body, you might say she was perfectly mummified, her lipstick still having its day-old sheen. She was placed in a stone casket with wooden interior.
Zobel, who was 18 years old when she died would have turned a gorgeous cougar this year at 47.

The reason they dug her up, her family wanted to place her bones inside her father's casket. A common practice in the Philippines is to combine the remains of loved ones, its making most of the burial plot which doesn't come as cheap as it used to be.

Am throwing some crazy theories too, a more obvious one- some embalmer has been secretly keeping her corpse as fresh as possible. Well sepulturero love is eternal- either her coffin was sealed in airtight or someone has been keeping her company. Kudos to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for having the foresight of authoring the Necrophilia bill.

Another theory, well di pa talaga mathimik si Ateh Clauds, restless spirit itey dahil hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin siguro paid in full yung talent fee niya sa Regal. Hello Mother Lily isdatyu?

Photo Archive by Video48
“Alam naman ni Mother Lily na kailangan ko ang pera, so pinayagan niya ako to work with Baby Pascual Okay naman ang role ko sa pelikula at okay din ang bayad. Ang talent fee ko rito ang ginasta ko noong nakaraang Pasko.” - Claudia Zobel

In fact, impressive ang epitaph ni Claudia Zobel, her headstone reads like an IMDB page:
Drakula (1982), Shame (1982), Uhaw sa Pag-ibig (1983), Magdalena sa Buong Magdamag (1983), Sinner or Saint (1984) Kapit sa Patalim (1984)

Claudia Zobel had a small role in Lino Brocka's film Kapit sa Patalim which was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984. She was a talented yet struggling actress. Lino Brocka, her director also died in a car accident.


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