Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mark Abesamis Murder: Call Center Agent Body Found with Head and Limbs Chopped Off

The body of a missing Call Center Agent Mark Abesamis was found mutilated with his head and limbs cut off.

According to SPO1 Jay Santos- at 6:55am at corner of Matimyas and Maceda Streets in Sampaloc, Manila- a Garbage collector Arnold Amorao opened a garbage bag and found a box sealed with packaging tape. Curious he opened it and found a torso.

The victim's wife Thea Bote Abesamis was able to identify his remains through his clothing. The young couple got married in July last year and was a client of lawyer  Raymond Fortun-  who revealed in a FaceBook post that the victim's Toyota Altis vehicle was also nowhere to be found.

The victim has no known enemies according to his family. Carnapping or a grudge against the victim is being eyed as a motive by Manila Police.


  1. The surplus shops in Banawe, Cavite and Evangelista must be regulated. Carnapping is becoming popular these days and seems like very easy for these criminals to slay and even mutilate their victims regardless of age, female or male they don't have mercy. They sell the cars they stole from their victims to these Surplus shops. Surplus shops must be inspected and have them secure permit or rather just close them as they don't only make carnapping popular but they also don't do any good to our economy. Abolish surplus to prevent crimes like this.

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