Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Banana Cue Vendor Speaks in English, Dishes Out Life Advice

A banana cue vendor in Pampanga, Philippines is reining in customers with his English banter. The street talk is quite funny and the banana man is impressive!

A viral video shows the banana man sharing some words of wisdom and joking around with office workers who would buy the sugary afternoon snack from him. When offered a tip, the banana vendor politely declined. Instead he advised the guy to save his money for lean days.  Obviously, the banana man takes pride in his work.


If you're wondering what Banana Cue in the Philippines tastes like? Its a tasty and sweet afternoon snack of deep-fried skewered plantains. Have a go at it and make some in your kitchen.

  How to Make Banana Cue - A Filipino Snack

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