Friday, February 13, 2015

Bench Billboard: All Kinds of Love in Guadalupe Makati

The new set of Bench Billboards along the riverside of Pioneer and Guadalupe Makati are causing a stir once again.

LGBT couple: Preview creative director Vince Uy and boyfriend Nino Gaddi
The Bench campaign 'All Kinds of Love' features a gay couple holding hands. The hawak-kamay shocker was censored and painted on, not by vandals, but to appease the local ad board council, citing the campaign was not within the norms of 'traditional Filipino family values.'

LGBT couple: Ana Paredes, Makeup artist with her girlfriend, interior designer Carla Peña
The other billboard ads featured a lesbian couple, a local celebrity with her expat boyfriend and yeah, grandma!

For the record, this is not a granny with a young boyfriend, this is legendary actress Gloria Romero with her grandson Chris Gutierrez. More like grandma love :)


  1. I don't know what's wrong with having a relationship with the same sex. It is still love though. The society just gives the norms and dictates what is right and what is wrong. Most people don't realize that they are part of that society too, it can't dictate them on what to do or not to do. LGBT is part of the society and these kinds of relationships are openly happening, the government should accept that and give some respect to them. Change is constant.

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