Friday, February 13, 2015

John Marie Lizares: The Bag Owner at the Bacolod Silay Airport Accident

It's payback time for the grandma who got tripped by that airport bag at the Bacolod-Silay Airport.

As the identity of the bag owner is finally tracked down, the granny who suffered injuries because of the incident, should hit the guy back where it hurts - his wallet!

Turns out the insensitive airline passenger is John Marie Lizares, is a local Bacolod hotelier and beachfront property President of the Palmas del Mar Resort?

Oh really? Is this on record? If so, for someone who's in the tourism and hospitality industry, it wouldn't have cost him a cent at all if he apologized in the first place or helped the old woman get up.

Both parties according to news reports have lawyered up, with Lizares' lawyers aiming for an out of court settlement.

According to GMA News, Lizares, who owned the bag Hofileña tripped over last year, had reportedly offered P120,000 as financial assistance last week but Hofileña's family rejected it.
However, the lawyer of the Hofileña family, said the amount could not make up for Mrs. Hofileña's medical expenses.

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