Monday, December 16, 2013

Martilyo Gang SM North Edsa Robbery

A brazen robbery in the middle of a holiday weekend caused panic among shoppers at SM North Edsa. The sound of gunfire which turned out to be the sound of glass being smashed to bits scared the shit out of shoppers. 

Others ran for the exits thinking there was a mass shooter, some heard the words 'Bomba!'

The robbers bought martilyos (hammers) at the hardware store in the mall and proceeded to the jewelry department store counters and started their mayhem. They easily escape by blending in with the crowd. Talk about a simple yet high-concept heist parang Inside Man lang ni Denzel Washington. Kahit may guards and metal detectors checking for weapons at the entrance of the mall, these thieves were just pros, sanay magnakaw at mandugas. Fortunately, no one got hurt and luckily there was no stampede. People were just thankful there were no shooters.

Amazingly, the President is improving on his response time showing up at the SM Mall within hours and not days like during Yolanda.

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