Thursday, December 19, 2013

NAIA 3 Shootout: Zamboanga Mayor Ukol Talumpa, Wife, Political Aide and Baby Killed in Airport Christmas Ambush

A slay of Christmas killings have begun in Manila. And here's another merciless incident at NAIA, the the worst aiport in the world.

Unfortunately, the people out for the head of Mayor Ukol Talumpa never gave up on him even after 3 tries, this time they succeeded in killing the mayor. In this grisly attempt, they also killed his wife, his aide, a baby and some bystanders in the process.

According to Rappler:  MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado admitted there is no CCTV camera in the crime scene. Hello!? this is our main airport for crying out loud!
The shoot out occurred at the pick-up area outside the NAIA terminal 3 and not at the arrivals area. The killers are riding-in-tandem hitmen wearing a police uniform.

There were no CCTVs in this area and this happened to be common areas where passengers wait to be picked up by relatives. So where are those airport fees going?

NAIA is not secure at all, there was an OFW killed and stuffed inside her suitcase 2 years ago and no CCTV in sight. Now a political ambush in broad daylight where children were injured and killed during the holidays.

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  1. according to airport manager, only those with political connections will be killed, so others need not worry .. so there you go..