Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is Rosas Pandan?

All Juan Ponce Enrile wants for Christmas is a 'Rosas Pandan' in exchange willing mamigay si tanda ng corned beef. Karne Norte o Angus o free delata from Yolanda?

Pero ano ba yung Rosas Pandan?

It could be a number of things.

Rosas Pandan is a flower.

Rosas Pandan is a kakanin, some sweet thing flavored with Pandan?

Rosas Pandan is also a popular Visayan song about a mythical beauty (Maria Makiling levels itey), Rosas Pandan at some point was sung by Pilita Corales and there's a Pinoy rock version by Asin. Hence, talagang pinangalandakan ni Tanda ang kanyang edad, yung lola ko na lang nakakaalala ng Rosas Pandan.

Rosas Pandan could also be a secret code name for Janet Napoles' head. After all, Enrile would love to have hers wrapped and delivered in a Prada Christmas stocking.

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