Sunday, December 15, 2013

SLEX Accident: Don Mariano Bus Falls Off Skyway

Another grim SLEX Bus Accident happened hours ago, the body count is displayed on the road for everyone to see.

Dahil piloto-in-training ang mga driver ng Don Mariano Bus, biyaheng langit at mabilis ito magpatakbo~ enough na lumipad sa ere ang bus. Mapait na 'Merry-Christmas' ito sa mga pasahero. Parang gudlak na lang 'tol sa pag-uwi!

Pauwi ka na lang galing trabaho ito pa ang sasapitin mo? Asa pa tayo sa road safety? Kawawang commuters

The driver of runaway Don Mariano Bus survived. The Don Mariano Bus took more fatalities as it landed on a van below.

Based on records, the Don Mariano Transit bus was named as the most dangerous bus operator in Metro Manila based on damages to property since 2011.

Okay they've been holding that record, pero operational pa rin sila? Anubeh!

As of this hour, all 78 units of Don Mariano Bus Transit have been suspended, immediate stop in their operations was enforced by the LTFRB.

Photo by Mark Demayo

According to LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez, the owner of the Don Mariano Bus Transit, Dr. Melissa Lim, has agreed to recall all the buses and will have to undergo road-worthiness inspections.

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