Monday, December 23, 2013

Who is Kitty Nandang?

ABSCBN reports that an eye-witness to the NAIA 3 shootout heard the gunmen say "Mayor, Mayor! Para ito kay Kitty Nandang!" (Hey Mayor! This is for Kitty Nandang!) and proceeded to shoot the mayor, his wife, the bystanders which included a baby and a 3 year-old girl (both were shot on the head).

In a letter addressed to Secretary de Lima, Rayyam Talumpa (the Mayor's daughter) said the witness identified the gunman as a certain Marox Amlong.

So is killing in the name of Kitty Nandang worth the lives of those innocent children at the airport? Honestly, who votes for these people? All they think about is getting back at each other whatever the cost, and not really serving their communities peacefully. A mother Mary Ann Lirazan lost her child to what end? To a political rivalry she has no part in?  So much blood this Christmas :(

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