Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Melanie Marquez Car Accident in Arizona

Former beauty queen Melanie Marquez figured in a car accident in Arizona last December 8. She was driving an SUV when it plummeted into 12 foot deep canal after skidding through black ice. Black ice is a slippery thin coating of ice on a road's surface.

Melanie's daughter Maxine Bumgardner posted details of the accident on her Facebook page.

Please pray for my mom, Arline and nanay. They were in a car accident a couple days ago and although they are stable and in better condition than before they will need your prayers, love and support. They hit black ice and slid into a cement canal. My brother Adam was with them and walked out with only a couple bruises. We are all so lucky that they are still alive because things could’ve gone so much worst than it did.”

Melanie Marquez was able to climb out of the car and crawl up a hill to find any cellphone signal- from there she called her daughter in Utah who then called emergency services. Responders were able to find them via GPS. The actress son Adam suffered minor bruise while Melanie now in stable condition suffered a bone fracture on her back.

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