Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bakit Naka Upo Lang si Apolinario Mabini sa Buong Pelikula ng Heneral Luna?

Just to translate -  in one screening of the Pinoy movie "Heneral Luna," a girl walking out the cinema with her boyfriend wondered out loud - "How come Apolinario Mabini was sitting all the time?"

Okay, let's just say the girl didn't grow up in the Philippines or she was probably spaced out during her Aralin Panlipunan class during her whole grade school years... so the whole thing is just sad and says a lot about the sorry state of our education system in the Philippines.

Here's quick historical tidbit:

Apolinario Mabini was a Filipino revolutionary leader who fought for the independence of the country. Being a cripple, didn't stop this man from being tenacious, he was dubbed the "Brains of the Revolution."

Mabini was struck by polio in 1895, and the disease gradually incapacitated him until January 1896, when he finally lost the use of both his lower limbs.

Okay nood pa more, para may ma-upgrade ang mga utak. Get to know your Pambansang heroes!


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