Sunday, September 13, 2015

Esperancita Andaya Ferrer Medical Fund: Filipino Doctor with Breast Cancer Needs Our Help

Mahal magkasakit sa Pilipinas, kahit gaano pa karami ang ipon mo madali lang yun mauubos kung ang kailangang mong gamot ay ganitong kamahal. Kahit mismong doktor na may sakit ay mahihirapan ipagamot ang sarili.

This is a campaign for Dr. Esperancita Andaya Ferrer let us help her in anyway to generate funds for chemotherapy treatment (HERCEPTIN) for Breast Cancer. Just 1 vial costs P41,600. For every cycle 3 vials is needed, x 18 cycles.

For more information on how to help her please visit her Facebook Page.

Here is her letter:

I am appealing to my friends and colleagues ... If you can help me. As a doctor I know you're wondering why I am asking for charity.

My journey in life has been filled with ups and downs. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease after which I had RAI done not knowing that I was in first trimester in pregnancy. Fortunately my son did not develop Congenital Hypothyroidism. After Pregnancy I developed Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Which fortunately was reversed.

For years I did my best to be independent and be the sole bread winner of the family. My husband had to stay home because my son was Diagnosed to have High Functioning Autism. Therapy for my son did not come cheap. But we managed to make ends meet.

Last February 2015 I suffered unstable angina. This was also a devastating for my family, medical bills and maintenance medication as well as everyday needs is a daily challenge. But God was very kind to give me back my strength... My cardiologist placed me on holter monitoring, to assess the PVC's in bigeminy its occurrence and precipitating event. Medication could not even control it. My heart once again failed, It Dilated Once again, its contraction hypokinetic. I was drinking medication prescribed usually for 50-60 yr old patients.

Then again another challenge came again. I am Diagnosed with Breast CA (invasive ductal ca) stage 2. It felt like the world had crumbled and all I can think of was my son. The promise I made that I would grow old with him and his Father. I consulted a Surgeon and was advised to undergo Modified Radical Mastectomy.

A miracle happened, Prior to my surgery when I asked for CP clearance, the PVCs stopped, my heart LV size was normal, and contraction of the heart was normal. DCM reversed. My cardiologist was very happy to see that everything was doing fine and classified as low to intermediate risk. I knew that GOD was looking after me. This was his way to ease part of my burden and the operation was uneventful.

Here came the news that would forever haunt me. My Immunohistochemistry Report came, I was ER/PR positive and HER 2 neu positive. This type of Breast CA is one of the most aggressive and most Expensive to treat. I would be subjected to Chemotherapy as Initial treatment, 6 cycles every 28 days after which the Miracle Drug HERCEPTIN a targeted therapy for Breast CA. One vial of HERCEPTIN cost 41,600, per cycle 3 vials will be needed. Treatment is every 21 days x 18 cycles. Which would cost 1,497,600 pesos. Roughly 32,000 dollars medicine alone. Roche has an assistance program once enrolled will be eligible for only free 6 cycles. 12 cycles will be shouldered by the patient. My chemotherapeutic regimen would leave me Immunocompromised for 18 months. I would not be able to work.This has been a devastating event especially that are resources were just recently utilized and we are just getting back on our feet.

I am asking for help in any amount that you can offer it would be greatly appreciated. As you know the life of a general practitioner is not as financially rewarding. All our family is doing their best to pitch in but it's not enough. All doctors fees is complimentary its the chemotherapeutic treatment that would be the problem.

Please do share this page with your friends.

Please help me fulfill my promise to my Son and Husband. I am thankful for your generosity and act of kindness.

Thank you for your time and God Bless.

We would be accepting donations until December of 2016. Any amount whether big or small is deeply appreciated.

Please email me at

Thank you for your time and GOD Bless.

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