Sunday, September 27, 2015

Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines Copies Tribeca Film Festival Logo for Social Media Campaign

Like I said, the blatant gaya-gaya puto maya case of "Design and Idea theft" is going around social media, what's alarming is that both cases of intellectual property theft in the Philippines are both started by government offices. Was this an intentional, brazen bit of idea theft?

Here's the second social media case:


The Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 was quick to erase their tracks on their social media campaign blunder as a hawk-eyed film reviewer quickly spotted their typeface attempt

Epic fail pa rin kasi a was able to screen cap the Metro Manila Film Festival's online attempt na mag-neknok ng Tribeca NYC filmfest logo.

 And matapang si kuya, parang si Heneral Luna lang ang peg at good for him for calling out MMFF 2015 on that!

The Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines responded by taking
their site down for a while.

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