Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Isaac Caldiero wins American Ninja Warrior and the $1 Million Grand Prize

Since the American Ninja Warrior TV series began in 2009, no athlete had ever gone past the 3rd stage of the competition, but in the season seven finale, both Geoff Britten and Isaac Caldiero finished the cutthroat course.

American Ninja Warriors should have a good mixed of speed, strength, balance and agility. Most who did well on the course are free runners, parkour athletes, professional rock climbers.

For the 2015 finale, Geoff Britten completed Stage 4 first, but Isaac Caldiero was able to beat his time by a mere 3.6 seconds, winning the $1 million grand prize.

If you watched Isaac Caldiero scale Mt. Midoriyama- it was amazing, he made it look so easy flying. A well-deserved win!

Watch the video and see Isaac Caldiero bagged the grand prize as the true and sole winner of American Ninja Warrior.

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