Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bernadith Ong: Freelancer Loses P20,000 in her Union Bank Account Philippines due to Phishing

A SEO Specialist based in Davao City has lost P20,000 in her Union Bank Account. The withdrawals were made from an ATM in Ortigas, Pasig City. Unionbank has refused to return any money stolen from the account due to Phishing.

If you're an online freelancer and your hanapbuhay lifeline is your Paypal account connected to your Union Bank EON Acount, its good to know about this issue and look for alternatives on how to receive your money safely. Kalurkey!

What can you do if Unionbank doesn't address the Phishing issue and can't keep online transactions secure for freelancers. So pag nag clear ang Paypal money mo after three days withdraw na lang agad? So what are the other alternatives? Payoneer, Western Union? Open another account elsewhere and just have them wire it?

Anyway, here's Bernadith Ong's Facebook posts about her stolen money in her Union Bank Account Philippines.

Just received an email from Unionbank .. I have asked specific questions on my email and look what I've got from them?

Can't even answer a single question?

I have emailed this letter:
Mr. Joel B. Dorado

RE: My Complaint against Unionbank filed under
File/REf. No. SES-FCPD-E3647-2015

Dear Mr. Dorado

I appreciate your response and you cited about the clips that I have emailed last time to BSP. It is very obvious indeed that I am desperately finding a way to make myself understand on what is really happening to my account with Unionbank. And what will happen to the P20,000 amount that was stolen via unrecognized withdrawal.

I have asked the same question before, I would like to know what is your basis that my account was phished? Another question is what is your legal basis to say that you are exempted to reimburse if it was due to phishing? Why can't you be held liable if the services you offered is prone to electronic fraud? And how can you expect that an ordinary account holder like me can protect myself from electronic fraud or hacking?

I requested for the bank retrieval result of my account and your customer service representative confirmed that the UNRECOGNIZED WITHDRAWALS were made at BPI Ortigas San Miguel 1 G/F OAC BLDG. San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig. I am here in Davao when the withdrawal was made, please enlighten me how did it happened? (please see attached file, retrieval result of the transaction.) On the same date I reported it to my maintaining branch hoping to get some answers.

I hope to get a prompt response from your good office as this incident is now 8months old.

Thank You,

Bernadith Ong


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