Sunday, September 27, 2015

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines Steals a Pinoy Artist Baybayin Logo for their APEC event

This week alone there are two cases of  "Design and Idea theft" gaining traction on social media, what's alarming is that both cases of intellectual property theft in the Philippines are both started by government offices. Was this an intentional, brazen bit of idea theft?

Here's the first social media case:

Asking artist for samples then blatantly lifting his ideas off, the graphics and mixing them with yours - well doesn't make them yours?

Face palm moment is that the Philippine Government branch in question is Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

So what will be explanation here? They were to stressed for the APEC summit? They had a clueless staff member just make a collage of a logo that would suffice their superiors?

For a more details on the issue visit the site which knows the artist (who has the original EPS files). EPS are raw vector files which you can open on Illustrator. Most artist draw by hand using a pen tablet on Adobe Illustrator.This is a high resolution file, dun pa lang alam sha na ang source ng artwork.

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