Monday, September 14, 2015

Vina Morales Has a French Boyfriend

Vina Morales has a French Boyfriend named Mark who was constantly by her side during the ASAP event in London.

vina_morales: I rarely posted photos from my London trip. But this one I would like to share to you all ❤️ Taken by my BFF @eriksantos at our Asap after party at the yacht ☺️ Yes it was indeed a happy and a beautiful day in London ☺️❤️

Marc the French boyfriend is also rumored to be FHM starlet Avi Siwa's baby daddy.

If ever these unfounded rumors circulating on social media are true, Avi and Mark are not dating exclusively, but she is now 8 months pregnant with Mark's child. Again, these are just rumors.

Avi Siwa channeling Demi Moore with photographer and 90s star Rachel Lobangco.


  1. hello, just asking is mark lambert and avi siwa married?

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